Bunny Rabbit Cake

This cute little Milly Goat is currently getting two molars and she isn't happy about it.

Lately her face has looked more like this:

And I thought I'd post this picture of these giant bears. The mall where I work puts them up for major holidays and I think they are the creepiest thing ever! The one playing the piano has a mustache. Henry thinks they are pretty cool. I think they are worse than the people at Chuck E Cheese. They sing. Their mouths actually move.
While I didn't get any cute pictures if my children on Easter, I did get this one of my easter cake. It isn't the most amazing thing in the world (let's be honest, presentation isn't my strong suit), but I think it conveys an Easter message better than the lamb cake from Easter two years ago. And it was delicious. Underneath that top layer of frosting was an incredible layer of dark chocolate ganache.

the lamb cake.


Kent and Leisy said...

that cake actually looks delicious. what's the inside?! the bears are super creepy, though!

Jason & Shannon said...

Much better than the lamb cake! The bunny is cute and looks tasty! YUM!

Annie O said...

Cake looks really yummy and the kids look adorable. Tell Milly that Nannie Annie is coming soon to hold her.

Nate and Jessica said...

I just cant stop loving the lamb cake. SOOOOO much.