Bad Birthday Cake 3.0

My little Milly turns one tomorrow and I must admit I am a little bit sad. When Henry turned one I was excited for him to grow up. I really didn't like him all that much as a baby. It wasn't anything personal, I just didn't like babies, and I wanted someone who would talk. Problem is, now that he talks I realize how wonderful it is when they don't talk. This may sound like I don't like Henry much, but that isn't the case at all, he and I are actually quite good friends and I love him dearly, I just want my little Milly Goat to stay little for a bit longer. I am dedicating the beginning of this post to pictures of her.

Earlier this week Taylor called me into the kiddos room and this is what we found:
Henry had taken everything he could find and he somehow managed to heave it all into Milly's crib. She wasn't the slightest bit upset. It's some sort of miracle that none of it hit her on the head as he chucked it all in there, and I can be pretty darn certain he took no precautions as to her safety and well being.
Oooh. I just want to squeeze this little girl all day long.
We babysat Henry's frenemy little Taylor for a few days this week and I left the room one morning to come back and find this little girl eating breakfast. Little Taylor told me she wanted some and he needed to share because "sharing is caring."
Since it's Milly Goat's birthday tomorrow, I should probably add a few pictures from Henry's birthday earlier in the month. He was in car, truck, and tractor heaven.We found this big trailor truck thing at a yard sale for 50 cents. He loves that he can fit all his little cars in it. I love that I got such a good deal on it. Why do I love yard sales so much??!! I just do. And it's my way of being green.
We had a little cars picnic in the backyard for Henry's big day. Milly scavanged at the food table. (On a side note, she seems to be wearing this outfit in a lot of pictures lately, don't judge me. She really does have lots of other clothes).

This year I remembered last year's cake disaster (remember the fire truck). So I made a plain old texas sheet cake. It tasted good but was still pretty ugly. I don't know why I don't just order a cake from Wegman's and I don't know why I post pictures of my cake disasters on here either. Mostly it's just so my sister can see them and laugh.

Henry also got some pretty cool tractors. Our next door neighbor's late husband collected tractors and he passed away a few months ago and she has been cleaning out his stuff and every so often brings us over boxes of really cool toys.
I really do love that little boy. He's been so darn cute lately. He's really into the book "The Lorax" and he keeps walking up to me and saying, "I am the Lorax and I speak for the trees." It's really quite adorable.


Sue said...

Your kids are darling and they have a great Mom!

Nate and Jessica said...

I laughed out loud again at the firetruck cake. I dont do cakes either. I wish I knew your kids better.

Jeff and Whitney said...

They are so cute! And I laughed out loud about your little Lorax. What a crack up. And seriously - you seem to hit the BEST yard sales!

Tasha said...

Wow she is one already!?

Rachel said...


THis year's cake was definitely a step up from last year's, so keep it up, and maybe by the time he's 18, you'll make him a cute cake! Don't give up!!

I love Milly. Please give her a birthday squeeze and kiss from her Auntie. I miss her. (And all of you.)

Kent and Leisy said...

the cake is better than last years- but still lacking. what kind of frosting is it?! how did you make it that color?! our texas sheet cake frosting is always dark brown. oh- and maybe it's the being super mobile thing- but milly is totally thinning out!