Here are some more pics like I promised

Summer officially began here in Buffalo. Taylor's birthday and a memorial day trip out to Spaulding Lake seem to be the official start these past few years. Henry jumped in soon after this picture was taken and he hated it.
I threw Milly in with Taylor and she LOVED it. We have ourselves a water baby. At one point I found her on the beach drinking the lake water out of a bucket. This girl will put anything she can in her mouth. I recently found one of my hair elastics and one of Taylor's squishy ear plugs in separate poopy diapers. I figure I shouldn't be too worried right? If it's small enough to make it down her throat without major problems, it should make it through the digestive tract without incident too...right? I have however made a concerted effort to watch her a but more closely and swipe her mouth whenever I see her chewing.
We took a little trip to the museum for Taylor's birthday. We were pretty much the only ones there. It was fantastic. Henry loved all the attention from us.
Here they are watching some movie about space.

I love these three people:

My mom came to visit this last month too. We had a fantastic time. She took us to dinner (twice!), came and watched me speak at Stake Conference, played with out kiddos, and joined us on a hike down at the Niagara Gorge.
Taylor got me a double jogger for Mothers Day. I love it. But pushing two kids in a stroller is REALLY hard. Sometimes I just make Taylor come running with me and let him push the rugrats. I promise they really do like the stroller. They were just really tired in this picture. It was past bedtime and they didn't take naps.

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Annie O said...

I love those kids. Can't wait to see you all again.