mothering mishaps & another attempt at a birthday cake

I have made some serious parenting mistakes these past few days. On Saturday, Taylor was gone roofing a house from 6am to 11pm and I was left alone all day with my children. Anytime I am left with the kids for an extended period of time without a second parent around, my parenting abilities start to really suffer. I get exponentially less patient hour by hour, and my judgement is impaired. It started out in the morning. The kids woke up at 6am, and Milly was cranky. I put her down for a nap at 7:45 and decided I needed to exercise. I turned on Saturday morning cartoons for Henry and jumped on the treadmill. After mile two, I thought it would probably be a good idea to check on Henry. I took of my earphones and immediately heard his yelling and screaming from the other room. I ran in the other room and found him with his thigh stuck in between two rungs of his rocking chair. He had tears streaming down his face, and said to me, "Mommy, I've been yelling for you for a VERY long time." I felt awful. I slathered his leg in lotion and pulled it out. And then jumped back on the treadmill where I checked on him every 1/2 mile. Later that day, we were at the grocery store. We were checking out and Milly started climbing out of the cart (the buckle didn't work), so I went to grab her and Henry sat up on the edge of the cart, I sternly told him to sit down to which he defiantly replied, "NO!" and pushed off the counter which of course moved the cart and he fell back, banged his head on the counter and then fell upside down onto the floor on his head. Every one in Aldi gasped in horror (myself included), and the Aldi lady scooped him off the floor (I was still trying to keep Milly from climbing out of the cart). Henry was sobbing, I was shaking (out of fear, anger, and embarrassment) and I still had to check out and bag my groceries, all while holding a sobbing three year old and a wiggly chubby one year old. It was awful. Luckily Henry was okay, although I half expected to look back and see him unconscious in his carseat the rest of the day. And as soon as the Aldi Lady handed him to me, I did what any good mother would do, I said to him, "What was the last thing I said to you before you fell?...I told you to sit down!" Then I hugged him and checked for dilated pupils, goose eggs, or blood. What an awful day. Thankfully we ended it with friends, hot dogs, and the most delicious tuna melts ever. Thanks Diana! (She's the lovely woman who made the Hawes family dolls).

That's little Henry in the back of this picture. We took a little trip out to Palmyra, NY a few weeks ago and I loved how green it was.

We've also been taking lots of bike rides lately. We have lovely beach cruisers (best wedding presents EVER!) and a bike trailer. Taylor gets a really good leg workout wherever we go seeing as how beach cruisers only have one speed and he is towing 60 pounds of kid and a trailer. This was a little trip to the river. The other side is Canada. It reminds me a lot of my mission. I lived on a River in Estonia that was on the Russian border. And we would throw rocks at Russia and yell over to the drunk Russian fishermen on our morning runs.
This is Henry with a camouflage hunting hat on. It was amazing, and came with an entire outfit. It would make one awesome Halloween costume.
And lastly, Happy 1st birthday Milly Goat!!! I made this cake, which turned out mediocre. I kind of feel embarrassed about it. It isn't bad enough to be funny, but it isn't good enough to be wonderful. Someday, I'll make something fantastic. Just you wait. When Henry saw it we asked him what it was and he said, "a rectangle and two triangles!" After a little help he guessed butterfly.
She loved it.


Philip Oswald said...

Yes, earphones and monitoring toddlers to not mix. Thanks for all the pics. Love the cake.

Annie O said...

I remember those days of two children to one parent. I think you're doing a fabulous job. Look how happy and healthy those two are! We sure missed you all on the 4th.

Krystal said...

Your best birthday cake yet! :)
Sorry, but I love the story of your bad day- it felt vaguely familiar. Milly is getting so big and cute!

Kent and Leisy said...

the m&ms on the cake distracted from its mediocrity. i want some! where was the camo outfit?!

Rachel said...

This was your best cake yet. I told you...keep it up and maybe by the time they're 18, the cakes will be beautiful.

I love your parenting stories. I'm afraid I won't be able to share stories like that on my blog. You know birthmoms will always be reading, and they may not like to hear about my moments as a "bad mother." (Though these moments are just reality for good mothers.)

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