a t-shirt head decoration & losing henry

I wish I had taken more pictures on the 4th of July. I was having a crummy day that day for a host of reasons. One of them being, I lost Henry at the park. Like really lost him. He was only missing 5 minutes, but I was almost panicked. I lose him all the time really at grocery stores, church, etc., but I always seem to find him quickly and I don't ever get too nervous. This time was different. I was alone with Milly which made it harder to go look for Henry since she kind of weighs you down. And it had been no more than 30 seconds that I had taken my eyes off of him. I was changing Milly's diaper and he was helping. I put her swimming suit back on, I looked up, and Henry was gone. At first I wasn't too concerned but then I realized he wasn't within earshot and I couldn't see him in any direction and I didn't even know where to start looking. After a few minutes of looking some police officers at the park notice I was yelling his name and they started looking too....soon thereafter I saw a man off in the distance holding Henry's hand and bringing him toward us. I asked Henry where he'd been and he said, "I was running away from you mommy. I was hiding." Dang kid. The guy noticed he was wearing a swimming suit and so walked him towards the pool at the park. It was awful and very gladly short lived. Kids are so much work. Anyway, the 4th ended well. We went to a church bbq (I love a good cheeseburger) and then we went and watched the fireworks on a driving range which gave all the kids plenty to do. I gave them the assignment to gather all the golf balls they could find. Milly Goat loved them.

Henry seems to have abandoned the idea of an afternoon nap, so he normally spends an hour and a half every afternoon locked in the guest room trying to come up with things to do. I opened the door this week to find him like this: (he really can be so darn cute sometimes).

Our drive home from the fireworks. They were both asleep within minutes of being buckled in. We wanted to leave them in the car all night.
I'm still obsessed with this little girl. She has so much little personality.
I've started trying to make head decorations for her. Like flowers and such. She is so often mistaken for a boy and if I put some sort of ornament on her head it, everyone seems to know that she is a girl. I am actually not bothered when she is mistaken for a boy, after all, I will be the first to admit how much she looks like Henry did as a baby, and her features aren't exceptionally feminine, nor is her hair length. However, it is always so awkward to tell people once they've called her a boy, they feel so bad and always apologize profusely. Sometimes I don't correct them, but they inevitably ask her name, or even worse, Henry corrects them. Anyway, here is my first creation. It was super easy and I think it's super cute. I used an old stained t-shirt for the flower and an old pair of white tights for the band. Who knew I was so talented?
Notice how dirty the tops of her feet are? That's a true sign she hasn't learned to walk yet.


Kent and Leisy said...

okay- so the car seat picture makes her look so fat. just a rolly polly giant baby girl. she even looks thicker than henry! but the headband is super cute. and I love the golf ball pic.

Rachel said...

I love your blog! I always laugh aloud at the way you write. Miss you! Miss your kids! Even miss that husband of yours!

P.S. I would've been SO mad at Henry for purposely running away!!

Melanie said...

milly is so cute!!! and i love the "head decorations"!! or head band!

kandis said...

i love all the updates! Way to go on making a flower headband for milly! & I don't think that big flower in the post below is too big. it would be if she were a newborn but since she's bigger it looks good. oh and i love that you called them head decorations! love it!

Annie O said...

I like the new headband but I LOVE the big flowers in her head. Can't wait to see you guys and we'll take Henry for a year if you need a break.

Love ya, NA

Rebecka said...

The picture of millie in her high chair reminds me SO much of Emma. She has also been mistaken her whole life for a boy. I'm sure it dosn't help that since she was small I have kept her hair short. And now that she's tall (not really, but it rhymes) she still likes it that way. One time we were at the tempe and she was in a white jumper near the big window where you can see the font. She turned to go in the girls dressing room and a temple worker was afraid she was lost. He stoped her and asked if she was a brother or a sister.
Sammi just came in and asked, "who is that?" "Laney's little girl." "I thought she had a boy?" "She did, now she has a boy and a girl."
So we are missing you.

yaya said...

It's been a while since I've stopped by and I can't believe how big your cute kiddos are getting! I'm glad you found Henry and had a good July 4th. I loved the pics of Millie's bday cake. I knew it was a butterfly right away BTW..I'm a genius.