Readers Digest version of our lives

Yep....here were are alive and well. And here is what we've been doing the last month of our lives in abridged version:
We went to Utah, and flew with two toddlers. Hell-on-Earth. Really the kids were pretty good, one of our best airplane trips yet, and only one hysterical crying fit from Milly. However, even having well behaved toddlers on 4-5 hour flights is miserable. I just want to have my own seat again!
I've just added this picture because I like it. Milly seems all grown up, getting out of her own chair and all. I love her.
While we were in Utah we went waterskiing, actually only Taylor waterskied. I sat in the boat. I am embarassingly bad at water sports unless its tubing. I attribute that to my parents who never took me on a boat as a child. But I'm okay with that because they took us to Yellowstone a lot. This is Henry and his little friend Taylor. They have finally decided to play well together and life is getting a little easier.

Here we are with Taylor's family minus Shem and Luisa. I'm the shortest one of the bunch.
And here are most of the grandkids. Milly was sound asleep so she is missing from the pic. Milly and Henry are the youngest of them all and Taylor's parents seem to have grandkids coming out their ears, but they seem to love them all.
We went miniature golfing while we were home. We went on a Monday night in Utah County and we took Milly with us. Bad ideas. She tried to eat all the golf balls and chased them around. And the place was PACKED! Needless to say we decided against taking score. In this picture we let Henry play around on the little mini gold house. I remember as a kid wishing I could play in them and Henry quite enjoyed it.
My little sister Daysa decided to be pushed around in Milly's stroller. She almost broke it.

Since we've been home Henry decided to empty and entire large container of baby powder into a shoe in his window sill. Thank you Henry.
We went to a baseball game and had a lot of fun. However the kid sitting near us that got smashed in the face with a foul ball didn't enjoy it so much. It was kind of scary.
Milly has taken a very strong liking to this large stuffed rabbit from her friend Rachel.
And lastly, Milly has grown up. She walks, kind of talks (she still doesn't say Mom but she is glad to say Doggy, Daddy, Nannie Annie, and Natalie). Pretty sad when she says my friends name before mine. However I do love immensely. I'm kind of obsessed.

More to come soon!


Annie O said...

THANK you! And yes,your children are so adorable. Wish they were here. Maybe we'll see you all in Dayton in December?

Kent and Leisy said...

I love the last pic of milly goat.

Kent and Leisy said...

and she says leisy!! it was her first word basically.

Lizzie said...

Your kids are darling! Looks like you guys are doing well. xo.


HowellAZ said...

It was so fun to see you while you were in Utah! You guys are troopers to do those flights with kids - I'd have pulled all my hair out by the time we hit the mid-west! Great pictures!

Classy Clutter said...

I love that dirt eating chubby cheeky face!

Baltic dinner soon?

xoxo, Mallory

MommaMcCarthy said...

:(. Sad we didn't get to see you (or know you were coming). I would feed you, ya know. We have a very kid- friendly house and everything. PLUS I want some of your potty-trained vibes to rub off on The Frog :)