snapshots of life.

I've been taking a lot more pictures on my cell phone lately, I got a new phone and this one actually takes pictures that I can post online, and it's kind of become my go-to camera. So I've decided to post the pictures I've taken this past month, they are some of my favorites. Here they are (in no sensible order):

Milly wanted a snack, I got M&Ms, for some reason I thought they wouldn't be messy. This is after one brown one and one yellow one.
Milly's got hand foot & mouth disease. All these little blisters popped up at church on Sunday just after she touched every other toddler in sight, played with and tried to eat many of the toys in nursrey, and drank out of someone else's sippie cup. They say it's SUPER contagious. Sorry Buffalo ward. But if it makes anyone feel any better, I think I have it too. My tongue feels swollen and has little spots on it, and my throat hurts. Milly on the other hand seems completely unaffected.
I made this headband. I am getting pretty good at it. Before you know it, I'll have my own Etsy shop (Ha!).
Milly & Henry were in a mall fashion show for the Gap. They were cute. Henry went out on stage and waved to everyone. This is the best picture I could get.
Milly's hair is long enough for little pigtails! However as soon as I put these in, she pulled the elastics out, and I think she ate them- really.
Henry's first day of school. He loves it! I love it. It's wonderful. He came home today and told me there is a little girl there who's favorite color is black. I told him that was a funny color for a little girl to love, and asked him why she loves it...he told me, "her hair is black and her skin is black all over, just like my new shoes from the Gap. That's why she loves the color black." I told him that his favorite color was dark green or dark blue and he isn't blue or green all over, and that he should ask her what her favorite color is and not just assume it's black. He promised to ask tomorrow.
We went to an amusement park here a few weeks ago and saw this Minion from Despicable Me and Taylor decided he wanted to win it for Henry, so he did. It was kind of a half-win but we were able to convince the girl that we needed it and she handed it over. I think it would make a great Halloween costume...don't you think? I could cut it open and shove Henry inside. It's clearly big enough.
Here we are on one of the rides. We tried to make out as much as possible to fit in with all the other teenage couples there. The whole day was really fun, and really painful. We must be getting old because after just two roller coaster rides we had severe head aches and we were exhausted. We had to find the first aid station and buy some Advil, and we had to go on Kiddie Rides between all the big ones to give ourselves a break. Is this why our parents never rode all the rides with us...and offered to be the odd one out, or hold the cameras?
Took Milly and Henry to see the Giant Jesus in Utah while we were home. They loved it.
And lastly, Milly with a bunch of her girl cousins. In this picture she's doing what she thinks is the universal sign for-Give me something! I think she is on to something though, because it normally works. People give her what she wants, especially when the hand motions are accompanied by high pitched squeals.


Rachel said...

Why do I love you so much? This post made me smile. You guys are the best, and I miss you.

HowellAZ said...

Cute pictures - and your cell phone does take good ones! Those two are SO adorable in their Gap clothes. Did they get to keep them? Maybe you should've let Milly eat M&M's right after the fashion show just to ensure they wouldn't want the outfit back! :) Henry is such a big kid going off to school in his flip flops.
As for the roller coaster riding, I'm not sure what happened to me either because now I can't handle them. I used to love them as a teenager, but now I just want to hurl afterwards! It's no fun getting old. ;)

Nate and Jessica said...

Yeah, your phone takes great pictures! Haha, I dont think adults usually get hand foot mouth and of course you did. Cute fashion show kids.

Boss said...

I used to love roller coasters, but now I can barely handle a merry-go-round. Why didn't anyone warn us about getting older? Speaking of getting older, look at those kidlets! I can't believe how grown up Henry looks!

I also can't wait to see what you come up with for Halloween. I've never thought of gutting a stuffed animal for a costume. Opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Britta said...

Holy cow, Milly is getting so big! Love your updates. You guys are awesome.

Steve and Hailey said...

Man, you must be confident in the love of your ward after that thorough confession of hand/foot disease! :) Griffin enjoys smacking other children. Two weeks ago Steve picked him up and the nursery leader said, "He has been very violent today. Either he's not feeling well or there must be problems at home." Guess what Steve said?