Buffalo's Insane Assylum.

Taylor and I took a tour of this incredible building this past week. It's the old insane assylum here in Buffalo. It was built in 1872 by one of the greatest architects in American History, H.H. Richardson. The building has been closed for years and years and it is dilapidated and falling apart. They are currently in the midst of restoring parts of it and turning it into a reception center and boutique hotel. The tour was pretty cool. I was hoping for more scary stories and haunted tales of electric shock therapy and crazy people, but the people giving the tour only wanted us to know about it's "great past" and "mental health throughout the ages". It was a bit more boring than I had hoped but the inside was fantastical.
It kind of reminded me of the hospital in Latvia where I had my appendectomy.

We watch A LOT of youtube around here...Elmo. Milly loves it, and hates it when Henry watches with her. She's mad here that he was touching her chair, but notice she never turned away from the movie, just screamed out in anger.
I'm just posting this picture because I love the little curls that turn up around Milly's ears and neck. I can only hope she keeps some of them as her hair gets longer! Plus I think she is so darn cute in these pjs. Don't you just want to squeeze her?!
Last weekend we took the kids exploring to a little nature preserve only about 10 minutes from us. There were lots of frogs and birds and bugs.
Milly loved climbing around, and notice her little head band. Another one of my creations. I am pretty impressed with myself.
Just before I snapped this picture, the turkey had just pecked Henry's arm. It was pretty funny.
This is how much of our apple picking went. Henry pestering Milly. Having two kids is waaay too much work. Sometimes when we go out and about with out Taylor I wonder if it's even worth the hassle.


Annie O said...

I LOVE the insane asylum and I agree it does look like the hospital in Latvia. Darling children. Can't wait to see you all at Christmas time!

Nannie Annie

Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh the insane asylum is SOOOO awesome!!! When the hotel is ready I want to stay there!

Nate and Jessica said...

Haha, head in the net...can you think of anyone you would have rather gone on that tour with than me?

Susan said...

Your kiddos are SO cute!

Amy and Craig said...

You are right. Milly in those jammies with those curlies is adorable! Totally squishable! Wish we coulda been along for the ride to see the turkey and enjoy the apple picking (hee hee)!

Erin said...

i'm so glad you updated your bloggie! every sing picture and comment is so funny!

Mallory Nikolaus said...

For the record, I think you're still smitten with Milly goat.... and for good reason. If you're over it, I'll keep her!