Lost at the grocery store.

We had playgroup this week at the fire station. Henry liked it, but just like last year at the fire station, he was mostly just disappointed. He kept telling me that he wanted to drive the fire trucks. All the way home he kept asking why we couldn't drive them. So if anyone out there has access to a fire truck...or even a police car would be nice...Henry would really appreciate it.
We lost Henry at the grocery store today. It's not the first time we've lost him in a public place, but he was genuinely gone for a few minutes. We were in line to check out, I ran to get something we'd forgotten, and Taylor got busy unloading the cart. When I got back with the food, I asked Taylor where Henry was and that's when he realized he hadn't seen him for a few minutes. Needless to say I went searching for him, surprisingly I wasn't very concerned, I think it was because we were at Wegman's- the place just exudes good feelings. As I was scouring the aisles, and calling out his name, a worker approached me and told me he was at the service desk. When I got there, they had given him a balloon and they told us that when they asked us him what his Mommy's name was he said, "she's a girl and she's beautiful." How great is that...just search the store for a beautiful girl. Anyway, I'm sure glad they found him. Henry wasn't the least bit concerned. I don't think he even realized he was "missing" and somewhere along the way he had stopped for m&m's because he had some with him. I just love this kid.
And speaking of love....I am obsessed with Milly Goat. I know I have said it before, but she is hysterical. And she is pretty much a toddler now. No more baby here. She's got 10 teeth at 10 months, and she weighs 22 1/2 pounds, and I can barely squeeze her thighs into her 12-18 month skinny jeans. Every time I put them on her it's like stuffing a small suitcase with every article of clothing you own. (I know, weird analogy, but that's really what it's like.) I think I'd be worried about her tubbiness, but Henry was just the same and he's thinned out quite nicely. Plus I think fat babies sleep better.
I don't normally let her play in the dirt in her pajamas (or eat dirt), but we had just finished a morning run, and she really wanted out so I let her. She was so happy.
I just had to add this last picture for her cuteness. Now if only she had a little bit more hair. She has rubbed off quite a bit from the back of her head and she has the beginnings of one bad mullet. I'll have to capture some pictures and post them soon.


Bunny Rabbit Cake

This cute little Milly Goat is currently getting two molars and she isn't happy about it.

Lately her face has looked more like this:

And I thought I'd post this picture of these giant bears. The mall where I work puts them up for major holidays and I think they are the creepiest thing ever! The one playing the piano has a mustache. Henry thinks they are pretty cool. I think they are worse than the people at Chuck E Cheese. They sing. Their mouths actually move.
While I didn't get any cute pictures if my children on Easter, I did get this one of my easter cake. It isn't the most amazing thing in the world (let's be honest, presentation isn't my strong suit), but I think it conveys an Easter message better than the lamb cake from Easter two years ago. And it was delicious. Underneath that top layer of frosting was an incredible layer of dark chocolate ganache.

the lamb cake.