What Kind of a blogger have I become?

I don't know how I let almost 2 months go by without a new post. I think I feel like I have so much to post that I don't even know where to start so I just keep putting it off. My sister and mother are threatening me, so here I am, back to posting. Here is the abridged version of the last two months in no particular and definitely not chronological order:

Does anyone else have this problem? Dang kids won't look at the camera when I tell them to. It has now turned into a game for Henry. Drives me crazy.
Went black friday shopping. 2am. I was so tired when we took this picture. I was miserable the next day. I'm too old for this kind of stuff. However, I'll probably do it again. It was kind of fun.
/>Here are some Halloween pictures. It's a little late to be posting them, I know. And I already posted them on facebook in October, but here they are again. Milly's costume was just too good not to show again. My little Jazzercizer.
Here is a great action shot. It shows you how fat she really is. Look at those cheeks.
And here is a link to Taylor's and my costume. It's a little inappropriate so I've just posted a link to the photo from a friends blog. Don't worry, it's not super bad, just maybe PG instead of G rated (and this a G rated blog). We went to a halloween party with friends and we dressed up as the Bobbits. It was Taylor's idea. Although I must admit it was kind of funny. Half the people at the party were too young to even know who the Bobbits were, but for those that did, it was a darn good costume. Here's the link (just click on it):

The weather here has been unseasonably warm. It only the 4th time since 1893 there hasn't been recordable amounts of snow in November in Buffalo. It's been fantastic. I can still wear flip flops. It was 60 degrees this week.

Here I am after the turkey trot. I had forgotten how much I love running in races. It was an 8k. A great distance for a Thanksgiving day race. There were 13,300 runners. Lots of people in costume, and lots of beer. Imagine my dismay when at mile 3.5 there was a beer table instead of a water table. These Buffalonians love their beer.
Lucky for these two, the weather is still so nice that we get lots of running together. I think they hate it. I have to stock the stroller with treats and toys to keep them from screaming through my runs. That, and I take my Ipod so when the toys and treats don't keep them happy, I can just turn up the music really loud and pretend they aren't there.
Still taking lots of trips to the zoo.

Milly goat has discovered the laundry shoot. Everything imaginable goes down it. If we are missing anything, I just go check the laundry in the basement. This little girl is a trouble maker. She keeps swallowing things too (things she's not supposed to). Found a sucker stick and three magnets in her dirty diapers this week. And no, it isn't possible that they just got shoved in her diaper, they definitely passed through her digestive tract. I promise, I really do try and watch her. We also found her in the toilet this week...feet first. Just hanging out in the toilet.

Little Milly Goat. Love her.