Top Ten List

It's been a very long time since I've posted, and my sister and mother may soon disown me. To update you all on my life these past months, I've created a top ten list. Here it is. Don't get too bored. I promise to make it quick.

10. Christmas
We headed to Ohio and celebrated with the whole Oswald Family. It was great fun. Only like in true Oswald family style, the kids got sick. Very sick. Poor little Milly Goat got the worst of it and had a fever of 104. It was sad. But we had lots of fun with the family. This is the boys playing with the new kindle fires. They couldn't put them down.

9. Family Pictures. We had family pictures taken, it's a pretty big deal, because we've never really done it before. I can't bring myself to pay someone lots of money to take our picture. Luckily my sister has a nice camera and it turns out, she's a pretty good photographer as well. Here is the entire family shot...it's amazing how good this picture is, we only took a few, and the photographer was a kitchen stool and a diaper box.

8. My number 8 is Henry and Milly who have really done a lot of growing. Milly talks now. it's hysterical. Henry does a lot of pushing and shoving, it's not hysterical. It's annoying really. But they are both wonderful.

This picture very acurately displays Milly sharing her emotional side. She's actually not a terrible crier nor is she extremely dramatic. She just seems to be more emotional than Henry ever was. She was very upset here because we insisted on making her stand by this brick wall.

Henry is turning into a little show-off. We wanted to take a nice picture of him, and this is all we got.
This one is actually kind of cute.

7. Praying. Milly has learned how to close her eyes for prayers. Normally something like this wouldn't make a top ten list but she's so darn cute when she closes them. The rest of us keep our eyes open during prayers now just so we can watch her.

I've started crafting! I know. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit it. But now that I'm not working, I feel the need to do something that produces results because we all know, motherhood doesn't produce very many immediate results. And, I can't keep the kitchen clean long enough to take a picture so that's not giving me any sense of accomplishment. My crafts aren't all that good yet, but every time I get discouraged, I look at my kids and say, hey, I made that! If I can make a baby, I can be a crafting mormon mom. Luckily I have some friends here who are incredibly talented and share their knowledge with me. Check out their blogs here: ClassyClutter and loveslist . These two ladies are going to help me redo my dining room and I'm so excited. I'll post before and after pics as soon as we do it! Anyway, they've inspired me. And here are some of the crafts I've been working on. The pictures are kind of crummy because they are cell phone pics.
Here's my new earring holder. Got the frame with a nasty old canvas at a yard sale for $.50. Painted the frame, and covered the canvas in lace and viola.

I also made this pillow! My friend Mallory (Classyclutter) made a tutorial on her blog and I just copied it. I made 2 of these for Leisy for Christmas. It's red not pink.

5. I got bangs. I've been debating it for years. Yes years. When my friend Rachel cut them for me, she commented that I wasn't freaking out. I told her it was because I was treating this decision like when I decided to get married. I made sure to go through all the doubts and second thoughts before I did it, not after. And now, just like marriage, I love my bangs! And just like with my husband, I like it more than I thought I would and I wish I'd done it a lot sooner. The only picture I could find is this one that Henry took of me when I wasn't looking. It's awful picture quality, but you can see my bangs.

4. Pigtails. Milly has a signature hairstyle- double pigtails. Really it's just the only thing I can do with her hair since she has a BAD mullet. We try to never leave the house without pigtails. And her pigtails are pretty much the cutest thing you've ever seen.

Here's the mullet. It's pretty bad.
Here's another shot of the pigtails. Don't mind the basket of clean clothes in the reflection. At least they're clean.

3. My twin sister had a girl baby. And she's pretty cute. Almost makes me want another one myself. She came on leap day.

2. Taylor got a job!!!! Almost everyone already knows since we announced it on facebook, but we are so excited. And I'm so proud of him. He's pretty smart. He was up against hundreds of other job applicants and they told him it was very competitive. This is exactly the kind of job he was hoping for with his dual Law/Masters in Urban Planning and we feel very blessed. He'll start his clerkship with HUD in September and he's very excited. Until then, he's just focusing on graduation and studying for the New York State Bar Exam.

1. Taylor and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. I sure love him. A LOT. Best five years ever. I never imagined I'd like someone as much as I like him, but I do. And after five years, I've still never gotten tired of him, not one bit. Not to make everyone else out there feel bad, but he might just be the best husband in the world. I'm including two pictures from the summer after we got married on our two belated honeymoons because they were wonderful! And I like to dream about going back someday soon, sans children.

Paris, Notre Dame

Disneyland, CA


Kent and Leisy said...

milly looks like billy ray cyrus in the mullet pic. I'm sure my kids will have the exact same hair. and don't get too excited about another kid. it's ridiculous work. when I come to buffalo in may do you think your friend would cut me some bangs?

Whitney said...

Love the bangs...Henry is a crack-up and Milly praying? So SO cute! I'm impressed that you've become so crafty. Sometimes I feel inspired, but then I remember how past projects have turned out and the inspiration leaves. I think I really need to learn how to sew.

Rachel said...

Not boring at all.

Here are my responses to each of the top ten.

10. How do you guys always get sick? Poor Milly.
9. Love the pics. Love your boots (you are getting sassy!). Love Milly's bird headband.
8. Milly talks??? Crazy. Can't wait to hear it for myself in six short weeks.
7. Cutest prayer I've ever seen.
6. Did you quit the Gap? I haven't heard this story yet.
5. Cute bangs! I wouldn't trust anyone other than Rachel Shaw to cut my bangs for the first time.
4. The mullet is awful. I love it.
3. Leisy's baby is to die for.
2. Jealous that you get to stay in Buffalo!
1. Taylor really is wonderful. I think he is tied for best husband in the world.

That took more effort than I thought it would. I was switching back and forth between screens. Hope you appreciate it.

Miss you and love you.

Lizzie said...

Great post. Love the bangs. Congrats to Taylor on the new job!

Classy Clutter said...

Holy smokes! Thanks for your sweet comments Lan! You're the best. Seriously. Thanks for the double Classy Clutter shout out! Holla! hahaha I'm not sure I can pull off saying "holla!"... oh well!

xoxo, Mallory

Annie O said...

Well HALLELUJAH! You did it and did it with style. How about a top three lst every two weeks--can you manage that? Love all the pix and love that you're happy.
Can't wait to see you all in May.

XXOO to kidlets and you and Taylor.


Lindsay said...

your kids are such hams!! i just love reading about them and seeing all the pics. each of them are priceless (meaning the pics, but i guess also the kids themselves...).

abbyjane said...

i am glad that your darling daughter has mullet too. Perry's is still pretty fantastic and she's 4. and when did you quit your job?

also a friend of mine wrote this. she is very wonderful, educated, and yes a stay-at-home-mom. it may make you feel less ashamed. :)


let me know if the link doesn't work and i'll copy and paste it for you.

Cher said...

Oh my heavens! Henry is such a handsome little man and Milly is quite possibly the cutest little lady! You're stories always put a smile on my face (mostly the awesome pictures you take of the littles!). Congrats to Tay on the job and congrats to you on your earing holder! So shabby chic! :)