Happy Birthday Mr. Henry.

This little boy turned 4! He is so darn cute and so darn stubborn. He's really into hypothetical situations right now, like "What if milk came out of the house instead of water?" or "What if Yoshi from Mario Cart was a real dinosaur that swallowed real fire balls?" "What if we put Milly back into your belly right now, and your tummy would tear open and bleed."
Here he is as Darth Vader. How is it that all little boys are drawn to star wars? We don't own the movies, nor do we discuss the characters and their space ships and weapons and uniforms but somehow Henry seems to know about all of these things.
I attempted another 3D cake. I'm really not good at them at all. Maybe on his 18th birthday I'll be able to make an amazing cake. I feel like I am already getting better as the years go by. And this cake made Henry happy, and that's what matters right? Can you guess what it is?
This little boy also graduated from headstart. He had such a good year. He loved it, we loved it, his teachers loved him, and everyone was happy.
Here are his teachers Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Tania. They were wonderful. I miss them. They even made Milly an honorary graduate since she and I went and had lunch with Henry and his class fairly regularly.
Here's Milly Goat at the graduation. She was trying to use the kaleidascope. It was pretty darn cute.
And lastly, my culinary skills outdid themselves on father's day this year. I made Taylor a rosemary and olive oil bread crumb encrusted rack of lamb. Lamb was Taylor's request, and it was actually pretty good. It was also quite pricey. Turns out it's hard to find rack of lamb that isn't organic and from Australia. This might be a once a year kind of meal. Taylor was definitely worth it though, he's the best husband around, and a pretty darn good dad too.


Kent and Leisy said...

I don't like lamb. those chops look pretty interesting. but the cake is pretty darn good! your best so far!

Annie O said...

You are amazing! And your kids are pretty darn cute too.

Benjie said...

Loved reading this update! Happy belated to your 4 year old. Your kids have grown too fast! Miss you guys. Aloha, Benjie