#6. We went to a Carousel museum. I guess some of the first Carousels were here in Buffalo. It was kind of an old creepy place. But it's free on Wednesdays so we decided to check it out. The kiddos love the carousel rides. And all the old ladies running the place were a little overwhelmed at all the little kids. 

#5. Our kiddos LOVE to swim. We've decided that we're going to train them to be olympic swimmers. 

#4. We went to Letchworth State Park for a little day trip. It was overcast and rainy all day. I loved it.

#3 We got ourselves some fishing poles at a yard sale and we went fishing! We didn't catch a thing. But we didn't really try very hard. We took a little run down to the Niagara River and used bread soaked in tuna juice as bait. I think we'll use a real worm next time and go somewhere with better fishing.

 #2 We went to the Erie County fair and had a lot of fun.

We went to the butterfly tent.
We saw the people on stilts.
 And we enjoyed the animals. Milly didn't realize how close she was to the cows until she turned around.
#1. Milly and Henry are all grown up. It kind of makes me sad. Henry looks like a big kid in this picture. If only he acted a little bigger. He is constantly beating up on his poor sister.  She's one tough cookie. I heard Henry screaming from the front room this past week and I went out and found Milly following him around and pushing him and hitting him from behind everywhere he went. He was in tears telling me that Milly was beating him up. I picked him up and looked him in the eye and said, "Where do you think she learned to push and hit like that?" He looked at me and his tears stopped.  He finally realized one of the main reasons (albeit not the best reason) to not hit someone, is that eventually they are going to hit back.


Rachel said...

I love it. My favorite part was the video of Taylor and Henry "diving" right on top of Natalie. It made me laugh out loud. I miss you guys.

RaCHeL said...

I really enjoyed this post. Your kids are too cute & you're right. Henry is such a big boy now! Loved the story about the hitting. :) Sure miss you!

Annie O said...

LOVE THIS BLOG! Thank you thank you thank you. Your dad wants to come out and see these kids--call him and work out details (I want to come too but it's his turn to spend time alone with them).

Love you!


nye.jessica@gmail.com said...

I am 98% sure I have been to that state park and that we have pictures in front of those falls. I love the lady at the carousel place even tho we have never met.

Kent and Leisy said...

milly's nasty mullet is basically made up for by the fact that her little piggies look so dang cute. perfect curls.

Jason & Shannon said...

I love the shirt with her next to the waterfall! We have the same one in the same color and I put Evie in it all the time! The pictures are so cute. The story about Milly beating up Henry was hilarious! And I agree with Leisy, her piggies are so dang cute!

Doug and Kate said...

You are hilarious! Bread soaked in tuna water??? hahahhahaha I love you. You and Taylor are such great parents taking your kids to do fun fun stuff!