We went camping. And there were no toilets or running water. It wasn't even all that bad. Milly and Henry LOVED the tent. Although we realized that our family is ready for something a little bigger than a 2-3 person tent. I slept fine, and the kids slept great. But poor Taylor was a little cramped, he kept mentioning something about a little girl kicking him and rolling all over him all night. 

 She fell down a lot.

I've included two pictures of Milly and her morning hair. It's crazy. Completely out of control, and I love it. 

I told Henry about the Sasquatch. He and Milly went hunting for it. Milly kept begging to go "hunt". They loved it. I thought they looked like little sasquatches here. 

And lastly here is a very blurry picture of Henry sitting by the fire VERY early in the morning. He was begging for us to come light it, and we just wanted to sleep. Why did kids have to wake up so early?


Rachel said...

"She fell down a lot." Love it.

Kent and Leisy said...

that picture of milly with the gatorade is OUTRAGEOUS. it looks like she is wearing a wig. OUTRAGEOUS.