Vertical Stripes in My Dining Room

With the help of a very wonderful and hardworking husband and some inspiration and opinions from talented friends, I remodeled my dining room, and I LOVE IT! We haven't quite finished everything, I still need new curtains, and to finish our dining room table, and I haven't done any decorating yet, but my sister is begging for some pics, so here they are. The befores and afters.

The walls were a greenish yellow (I can't believe we waited so long to paint!)
We painted the walls, the bluish buffet, the brown hutch, and a little brown side table.
And here is the new product!!!! It took us a week of evenings to get everything done. The whole project cost us about $100. It was just for paint and supplies. I was a little nervous to do stripes and we almost did horizontal stripes but Taylor convinced me to do vertical, and I love them!

This little side table that we painted white was a side of the road find.
I still need to hang my favorite painting which is just hanging out on the chair. I love this hutch now that it's white!
I need to come up with something to put on the wall above our buffet...anyone have any ideas for me? A mirror maybe or a large clock? Should I hang the painting here from the above photograph?
And here's one last picture of our family that Henry drew. He's at that age where his drawings are starting to resemble anything recognizable and they are adorable!!! I also have lots more pictures to post of them soon.

That's me on top, and Taylor below me. Henry is to my right and Milly is on the left.