Happy Birthday Mr. Henry.

This little boy turned 4! He is so darn cute and so darn stubborn. He's really into hypothetical situations right now, like "What if milk came out of the house instead of water?" or "What if Yoshi from Mario Cart was a real dinosaur that swallowed real fire balls?" "What if we put Milly back into your belly right now, and your tummy would tear open and bleed."
Here he is as Darth Vader. How is it that all little boys are drawn to star wars? We don't own the movies, nor do we discuss the characters and their space ships and weapons and uniforms but somehow Henry seems to know about all of these things.
I attempted another 3D cake. I'm really not good at them at all. Maybe on his 18th birthday I'll be able to make an amazing cake. I feel like I am already getting better as the years go by. And this cake made Henry happy, and that's what matters right? Can you guess what it is?
This little boy also graduated from headstart. He had such a good year. He loved it, we loved it, his teachers loved him, and everyone was happy.
Here are his teachers Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Tania. They were wonderful. I miss them. They even made Milly an honorary graduate since she and I went and had lunch with Henry and his class fairly regularly.
Here's Milly Goat at the graduation. She was trying to use the kaleidascope. It was pretty darn cute.
And lastly, my culinary skills outdid themselves on father's day this year. I made Taylor a rosemary and olive oil bread crumb encrusted rack of lamb. Lamb was Taylor's request, and it was actually pretty good. It was also quite pricey. Turns out it's hard to find rack of lamb that isn't organic and from Australia. This might be a once a year kind of meal. Taylor was definitely worth it though, he's the best husband around, and a pretty darn good dad too.


Here's the rest of my list of ten...

#5 Milly still has a Mullet. This poor little girl is never going to get rid of this thing. People keep telling me to cut her hair but I only think that will prolong the mullet. I've managed to figure out one hair-do that hides the Mullet pretty well. It's the only style we can manage.
Here's the mullet.
Here's hiding the mullet. This picture was taken at the end of the day where you can clearly see that her little wispy hairs won't stay in an elastic, but at least it hides the mullet. She's holding her new doll that she got at Henry's school. I asked Henry and Milly for suggestions on naming it (it's not anatomically correct and we cannot determine gender) and Henry wants to name him Henry. He says it would be really nice to have a black Henry and a white Henry. I agreed. Milly just calls him baby.

#4 Henry is hard. I mostly write this in hopes that I can get some parenting advice here. Henry is a wonderful little boy, sweet, funny, intelligent, etc. but he has been really difficult lately. He throws fits when he doesn't get what he wants, he won't eat dinner anymore, he has also gotten very defiant (I wonder where he gets that from). He does what we ask him not to do and he won't do what we want him to do. It's gotten much worse in the past few months and I don't know what to do. I feel like we do time-outs and other various punishments all day long. I am getting tired of it, and the punishments don't seem to be effective anymore. Any good books out there? Any advice from experienced parents? He just turned 4, so we recognize that he some of this behavior is normal, but not all of it. I'm including a picture of Henry in tears. He isn't throwing a fit here, he's actually crying because a bird pooped on him in the backyard. I couldn't help but take a picture. And these tears are very similar to the ones he cries when he is freaking out.
#3 Taylor graduated from Law School! It was a very eventful weekend with lots of visitors. His parents came from Nauvoo where they are currently serving their mission, my parents came from Utah, and my sister and her three kids came from Ohio. Congrats Taylor! I am proud of you. Now he just goes to school every day and studies for the bar exam. I don't know what we'll do when he's done. We've never been married when one of us wasn't in school. I hope nothing drastic changes and we still like each other all the same.

Here's little Milly Goat with her cousin Metta. I love her little pigtails. #2 Poop. How does something like this even happen? she was wearing a diaper and little shorts and she came to me to tell me she was yucky. I had to take a picture.
#1. Summer has arrived. It's warm outside, but thank heavens not too warm. We haven't needed our ac units yet because it cools off at night. It's the best weather in the world. I'm crossing my fingers hoping not to jinx myself. I'd be one happy girl if all summer was just like this.


Hoshimoto's Disease and other happenings.

I'm posting another top ten from this last month...a lot has happened lately and I've got lot's of pictures to share. These are in no particular order, I just type them as they come to me. This is just the first five, I'll post the next five tomorrow. It will give all my readers something to look forward to.

I was diagnosed with Hoshimoto's Disease last month. It was actually kind of a good thing. When my doctor officially diagnosed me I smiled and told her I was so happy. She laughed told me she'd never seen someone so happy to be diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I explained to her that I have an outrageous phobia of cancer, so I was relieved it wasn't that, and I am also so happy to finally have an answer for all these annoying symptoms I've been having. I never would have put them all together as being caused by one disease, and I never would have even gone to the doctor about it, so I'm grateful for a Nurse Practitioner who was overly cautious and discovered my enlarged thyroid and sent me for an ultrasound and additional tests. I'll post more about the disease and symptoms later, but for now, I am excited and hopeful for feeling better and being healthy!

Taylor graduated from Grad School! I was very proud. Unfortunately I missed his graduation!!!!! Due to a series of unfortunate events, (mostly that I lost my keys) I was 60 minutes late and missed him walking and receiving a very fantastic award. I eventually found my keys in the bushes in the backyard (Taylor had our spare set with him!) and dropped the kids off with the sitter, but I was too late. Thankfully (as little Henry kept trying to reassure me as I tore the house apart in tears searching for my keys), Taylor had two graduations and I could go to his other graduation the following week (the more important one! Law School). Anyway, congrats to Taylor on graduating and winning the American Planning Association Outstanding Student Award! It pretty much means he's the most outstanding student in his graduating class. Have I mentioned what a great husband he is too! Probably the best in the world. Really.

Since Taylor isn't in school anymore (other than his 9-5 job of studying for the NYS Bar) he gets to spend evenings with us! We go out exploring, bike riding, and running! Here we are at Niagara Falls. It was a cold, foggy, wonderful evening and we took a little sightseeing trip for family home evening. The picture on the left is Milly trying to jump in. Going to Niagara Falls with small children really is  horrifying experience because you are so close to the edge and the whole time you are there, all you can think about it your kids plummeting over the railing onto the jagged rocks below.  I've included the phone booth picture because 2 people have jumped over the edge in the recent weeks! And one of them survived!!!


#7 Henry is all grown up. I took him to his first school dance (it was for the parents to dance with their kids, not an actual dance!)  Henry loved seeing all his classmates, and I loved seeing everyone's outfits. Especially his little friend Christopher in the batman mask and wife beater! Hysterical.

Easter Pictures.  For the first time in my childrens' lives I paid to have their picture taken. And the only reason I did it was because a friend of mine did it, and it was cheap, and easy. They turned out really cute. Most of you saw my favorite of the pics that I posted on facebook, but here it is again, and a few more for your viewing pleasure.