We went camping. And there were no toilets or running water. It wasn't even all that bad. Milly and Henry LOVED the tent. Although we realized that our family is ready for something a little bigger than a 2-3 person tent. I slept fine, and the kids slept great. But poor Taylor was a little cramped, he kept mentioning something about a little girl kicking him and rolling all over him all night. 

 She fell down a lot.

I've included two pictures of Milly and her morning hair. It's crazy. Completely out of control, and I love it. 

I told Henry about the Sasquatch. He and Milly went hunting for it. Milly kept begging to go "hunt". They loved it. I thought they looked like little sasquatches here. 

And lastly here is a very blurry picture of Henry sitting by the fire VERY early in the morning. He was begging for us to come light it, and we just wanted to sleep. Why did kids have to wake up so early?


#6. We went to a Carousel museum. I guess some of the first Carousels were here in Buffalo. It was kind of an old creepy place. But it's free on Wednesdays so we decided to check it out. The kiddos love the carousel rides. And all the old ladies running the place were a little overwhelmed at all the little kids. 

#5. Our kiddos LOVE to swim. We've decided that we're going to train them to be olympic swimmers. 

#4. We went to Letchworth State Park for a little day trip. It was overcast and rainy all day. I loved it.

#3 We got ourselves some fishing poles at a yard sale and we went fishing! We didn't catch a thing. But we didn't really try very hard. We took a little run down to the Niagara River and used bread soaked in tuna juice as bait. I think we'll use a real worm next time and go somewhere with better fishing.

 #2 We went to the Erie County fair and had a lot of fun.

We went to the butterfly tent.
We saw the people on stilts.
 And we enjoyed the animals. Milly didn't realize how close she was to the cows until she turned around.
#1. Milly and Henry are all grown up. It kind of makes me sad. Henry looks like a big kid in this picture. If only he acted a little bigger. He is constantly beating up on his poor sister.  She's one tough cookie. I heard Henry screaming from the front room this past week and I went out and found Milly following him around and pushing him and hitting him from behind everywhere he went. He was in tears telling me that Milly was beating him up. I picked him up and looked him in the eye and said, "Where do you think she learned to push and hit like that?" He looked at me and his tears stopped.  He finally realized one of the main reasons (albeit not the best reason) to not hit someone, is that eventually they are going to hit back.


Guess the birthday cake.....

I've got so much to post I have no choice but to create another top ten list. It's the top ten most important/exciting things that have happened, or that I've taken pictures of since the last time I posted. My mother is now offering me a dollar per blog post in hopes that I'll blog more often, but what I really need is a dishwasher! I've been adding up the time I spend washing dishes every week and it's about 10 hours. I should promise more blog posts if she buys me a dishwasher. Anyway, onto the exciting things...Here are the first few in my top ten. Let's hope we get the rest of the ten within the week!

10. Milly Goat turned 2. I made her a cake, and I must admit, it's probably the best cake I've ever made (let's be honest it isn't hard to beat the cakes from years past).  I didn't use a mold of any sort, and I think it's pretty darn amazing. And especially because I'm REALLY bad at baking/decorating. I'll let you guess who/what it is and you can tell me if I did a good job.

 Here she is in her 4th of July outfit with her new birthday microwave.
 Milly's birhtday fell on a Saturday this year so we got up early and went in search of an amazing yard sale birthday present, and we found it! A shoebox full of ponies!!! What more could a girl ask for? She loves them.

9. Running. I signed up for a half-marathon in September with some friends and my wonderful college roommate Hillarie, which means we've been doing a lot of running and we've found lots of new places and parks to run here in Buffalo. This first picture is us running through the corn fields of Western New York.
 Here we are after a run. Henry was screaming because I am too sweaty. Both my kids won't even touch me after a run. Milly just points at me and says yucky sweaty mommy. The humidity here makes me a sticky mess.
 And look at this awesome teeter-totter. They don't make parks like these anymore. It was amazing,

8. Milly climbs out of her crib now which means we find her sleeping in strange places. In this first picture, I had to move the bed to take the picture. I have no idea how she got under that bed. 

 I also have no idea how she can sleep like this. This was at midnight! She had been asleep since 7:30.
 And we still find Henry sleeping in strange places as well.

7. Roatrip! I decided to be brave and while Taylor studied for the Bar Exam, I made the -should be 6 hours but was really 8 hours- drive to Ohio to visit Leisy and her kiddos. Her husband was gone for the week for work, and we wanted some cousin time. This first picture is from the best part of the entire trip.  And might I add that driving long distances with two small children while alone is the definition of distracted driving. 

Luckily there is a Nordstrom Rack half way between Dayton and Buffalo, and we took a little detour to buy Taylor some clothes. It is the only place I've found that sells his shoe size (15!)  and dress shirt size (15.5 neck, 36/37 arms) without having to order online. Might I add however that Taylor is a little bit particular. His dress shirts have to be non-iron, slim fit, collar-stay collars. Here are the shoes we found for him. Milly held them up so I could send him a picture and get his approval. 

Here are the cousins. The fighting was minimal and the trip was well worth it. And Dayton has a Chick-fil-a which was an added bonus. Luckily we went before all the political hoopla and eating there was just a delicious experience rather than a political statement. The only major catastrophe of the trip was a major poop catastrophe at a firework store on the Pennsylvania border. I think the roadtrip was hard on little Milly Goats digestive tract. I would have taken pictures but I was busy being watched by employees and cleaning poop off the floor.