Let me start this post by stating that I NEED a new camera. I hate my camera. All my pictures come out  blurry, poorly lit, and grainy. I have a Nikon Cool pix. It's horrible. I've tried every setting, even the easy auto mode is awful. So I need suggestions on new cameras. I want a basic point and shoot and maybe even a nice one. 

Happy end of summer! We took a lovely little family trip out to Lake Ontario and let the kids swim. I took this picture because I love breaking rules and I'm really trying not to let it rub off on my children but sometimes I can't help myself. 

We went to this fantastically cute little amusement park for kids and it was 25 cents per ride. Milly was taking this boat riding pretty seriously.
 I think Henry looks so adorable and sweet here. He isn't nearly as sweet as this picture makes him look unless he's asleep. However, he is pretty darn adorable all the time.
 Here's Milly goat at Lake Ontario. It's not the Ocean, just a great lake, with waves.
 She was hot and tired when we took this photo. She just kept begging to go "swim-eem" And check out those cowgirl boots.

I've added this picture because Milly is just so darn cute. We went to a baseball game and she begged to put on Henry's backpack and hat. She is so darn stubborn right now. Her favorite word is "self" which means, "I want to do it by myself!" She jibbers and jabbers non-stop. It's somewhat unintelligible at times. At other times it's hysterical. She calls pretzels, "pantsuits" at least that what it sounds like. And she walks around begging for "pantsuits." I think she's been watching too much CSPAN. She is also obsessed with the word "handful." Like on Sunday when they passed around the sacrament bread and she grabbed about 10 pieces of bread and turned to me and said, "handful!"