Back to the blogging world. I got a new camera, and Milly & Henry are still growing, so the blogging continues. Milly & Henry are interacting more and more, they play together, fight together, giggle together, and they drive me crazy together. Sometimes I wonder how Milly is being shaped by Henry, I know she's got a love for cars, fire engines, and trains she may have never otherwise had, but I'm also pretty sure she is more agressive and feisty because of him. She's always having to stand up for herself or protect herself, and she is as loyal as can be. Here they are after a long day of playing. They love sleeping in the same bed, and I can't believe we let them. 

This little Milly Goat has some serious morning mullet hair, and I'm not sure what to do with it! We just do pigtails everyday and hope the future holds some better hair for her.

She's all grown up. It makes me happy. 

 I can't figure out how they sleep like this all night. Just two weeks ago they were sleeping in bed together and Milly got sick and puked all over the bed & blankets in the middle of the night, and he didn't so much as roll over.

Henry loves projects. He makes Taylor draw objects/animals in different pieces and then he cuts them up, colors them, and puts them together like a puzzle. He asked for a wolf here. I told Taylor that it looks nothing like a wolf, but Henry didn't seem to mind.